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Meet Marianne 

RIP My Beautiful Boy 05/05/23
Missed so much x

Hi. My name is Marianne Edwards. I have run my own dog walking business for over 16 years, I was one of the first to set up in Staffordshire when dog walking was not heard of as a trade. I swapped the classroom for fresh air with fur babies! It wasn't until I had my lovely giant Bear that I learnt about hydrotherapy. He was diagnosed with elbow and hip dysplasia at an early age due to bad breeding which meant he had to start a course of hydrotherapy sessions when he was 12 months old. Seeing the results was amazing, watching him enjoying the swimming pool in a controlled safe environment with such positive results started my interest. After a lot of research, we (me and my husband Andy) came to the decision to use the land at the back of our property to build our own hydrotherapy centre. We spent two years building the centre and whilst this was happening I enrolled onto the Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy course and gained my qualification CHA Level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy. We are now rehabilitating dogs for pre and post operations, fun and fitness swims, weight management and puppy / senior swims. 

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