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What to expect at Hydrotherapy.

How should I prepare my dog for the hydrotherapy session?

Veterinary Referral – Please request or download a veterinary referral form from this website to give to your vet to sign. This is required for all types of swim session, including fitness/recreational swims. Please bring your form with you to your dogs first swim.


Feeding & Toileting – Dogs should not be fed for at least 2 hours before swimming and not fed for about 2 hours after swimming. If your dog is on medication which needs to be taken with food then the swimming sessions should be booked for around 3 hours after they have been fed. They should go to toilet before swimming.


After the session – Please keep your dog warm and allow to rest – but no longer than an hour or they may get stiff. A gentle 5 minute walk or potter in the garden about an hour or so after the session is a good idea. Any concerns should be expressed to ourselves or your veterinarian.

What happens in a typical canine hydrotherapy session?

You and your dog will be welcomed into the centre and at your first session you will be given a short introduction about how our centre operates. Our canine hydrotherapist will check your dog’s veterinary referral form and will talk to you about your concerns, questions and goals for hydrotherapy. She will then give your dog a health check before being fitted with a buoyancy aid or harness.

Your dog will be encouraged into the pool to swim for short bursts with rest breaks on the ramp. The hydrotherapist will then shower your dog, shampoo and dry your dog using towels and dryer if your dog is comfortable with it. All findings from the session will be explained to you along with post swim advice.

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