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Pre & Post Operation Swims


Hydrotherapy is one of the best forms of exercise to aid recovery. It uses every muscle in the body without causing stress on the joints due to the buoyancy of the water. The warmth of the water helps the dog to relax and increases blood circulation this will in turn increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and help flush out waste products. Hydrotherapy is considered to be a natural anti-inflammatory in its ability to reduce tissue swelling. Hydrotherapy is ideal for dogs that are on cage rest or limited exercise. It can help alleviate some of the frustration and boredom often associated with the recovery process. It is a safe energy release that also boosts mental well-being. A qualified hydrotherapist will accompany all rehabilitation dogs in the water.

Rehabilitation Swim  £35 per session 

For dogs with health condition/s including pre/post operatively. Condition examples:

  • Hip Dysplasia

  • Cruciate Ligament Problems

  • Arthritis

  • Spinal Injuries

  • Luxating Patella

  • Elbow Dysplasia

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